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This project that EIP is implementing in Tigray intends to heal conflict/war induced trauma and strengthening/revitalizing peacebuilding and conflict resolution institutions and nurture peace through community conversations. EIP has collaborated with Medecins Du Monde/MdM/- France with the financial support of the European Union in this project. The project commenced on February 01, 2023 and will stay for a year and half. It will be implemented in three woredas of the Central Zone of Tigray: Ahsea, Naeder and Adwa. The project aims to reach a total of 42, 540 people and designed to be conflict and gender sensitive in its implementation.

Currently, after completing the preparatory activities, EIP carried out war impact rapid assessment in selected sites of the project which will lead to the major project interventions.

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  1. Elizabeth

    Maybe also the protection of children from violence in the families matters for peacebuilding in Ethiopia. Peace researcher Franz Jedlicka (“The forgotten peace formula”) has compared data about child corporal punishment in the countries of the world with their ranking in the Global Peace Index and comes to the conclusion that the psychological foundation of peaceful countries is a culture of nonviolence that must start in the families. So maybe the EIP can also consider to advocate for a legal ban of child corporal punishment (like an increasing number of African countries is establishing – see endcorporalpunishment.org )


    1. Admin

      Thank you for reaching out and providing us with valuable feedback.

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