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EIP Executed Public Forum in Chinakson and Tuluguled Woreda

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EIP conducted a public forum under the cross-boundary initiative project (CIP) funded by USAID, which included 322 participants, additionally EIP was gender sensitive while conducting the public forum. The implementation target area is from Tulu Guled and Chinakson Woredas of East Hararghe and Fafen Zones. EIP has exhausted all of its efforts to organize the public forum for the community.

The general purpose of the public forum is to bring the communities close to local administrators of both ethnic groups to help them openly discuss any administrative and governance issues that could threaten the peaceful coexistence of the two communities.

In this forum, families were reunited after seven years who saw things differently as a result of the conflict between the two woredas. One can see there a good experience achieved.


Figure1: mobilizing participants from one woreda to another


Figure2: public forum being conducted in Chinakson woreda

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