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Picture: Ato Kassahun Abate from EIP delivering the presentation

“Biodiversity and Community Resilience in the Omo Valley (BIOM) Alliance Activity Project”

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Ethiopian Institute of Peace (EIP) has signed an agreement that will last for Five years from May 16,2022 – May 15, 2027 to implement a project in South Omo Zone, specifically in the Salamago and South Ari woredas (Ari, Bodi, Mursi and Kwegu communities) with the funding allocated from US Agency for International Development mission in Ethiopia (USAID/Ethiopia).

BIOM aims to improve biodiversity, livelihood security, and human rights in Ethiopia’s Lower Omo region through community-based conservation, ecotourism, and regenerative agriculture plus capacity building in political advocacy.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute the government efforts to ensure peaceful coexistence and social cohesion among communities in the Lower Omo valley- Ari, Mursi, Bodi and Kwegu communities through capacity building for political advocacy.

Through structured dialogues, the BIOM project aims to decrease inter-ethnic violence by enabling communities to discuss their concerns and problems, thus increasing their capacity to negotiate their rights.

On December 13th, the BIOM project was validated and launched by the Ethiopian Institute of Peace (EIP) in Jinka Town, which is the capital of the South Omo Zone Administration.

Participants of the workshop are drawn from Ministry of Peace, Bureau of Finance at regional, zone and woreda levels, Peace and Security Bureau at regional, zone and woreda levels, South Omo Zone Bureau of Finance, South Omo Zone Pastoral Development Affairs Coordination Department, IIRR and elders Salamago and Nyangatom woredas.

Picture: Ato Tadesse Kayi making welcoming address
(13 December 2022, Jinak Town)


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